World Wellbeing Tourism

 World Wellbeing Tourism, newly established in December 2019, is a specialized Luxury & Wellbeing travel agency that serves business and leisure clients, ensuring their inbound and outbound travel requirements at the most efficient and professional level. 
With a strong experience in Travel & Tourism management of more than 15 years, they have innovated creative products that lead to a revolutionary travel experience and unique discoveries around the world. 


World Wellbeing Tourism is renowned for the intensive array of services, the meticulous attention to details and the customization of travel packages. Their experienced and dedicated team from product manager, travel consultant and guides have worked closely to bring to you handpicked destinations, elite resorts and unique experiences.

The different divisions of World Wellbeing Tourism:  Luxury Experiences, tailor-made journeys, Mice and wellbeing retreats.

Wellbeing- Inbound

Our healthy holidays are not a one-size-fits-all affair, we offer a wide variety of different wellness options. Whether you are looking for a trip that focuses on getting active, cleansing your system, de-stressing, or losing weight, you will find a wellness holiday that caters to your personal interests and goals.

Wellbeing- Outbound

From getting fit in Mauritius to experiencing the healing benefits of Ayurveda in Zanzibar, or having an adventure in Thailand; no matter which trip you choose, you will be able to recharge your batteries and improve your overall well-being.