Whywander is a luxury travel company that expands beyond the known.

At Whywander we are full of curiosity… so we design travel itineraries that unravel those secrets and discover hidden experiences. Every holiday, adventure or event we plan is tailored to the specific needs of our wanderers and the type of experience they are looking for. 
By creating bespoke travel experiences that encompass travel arrangements, hotel bookings, restaurant recommendations, shopping locations, sites, sounds, smells and everything in between, Whywander acts as the invisible travel guide that comes along with you on every trip. Since 2010, we’ve designed experiences for honeymooners, families, multi-generational family reunions & retreats, but also birthday gatherings, destination weddings and adventure trips that span from New Zealand to Bora Bora and the world in between.

We are proud to be part of the exclusive Traveller Made network, giving us access to many unique experiences and allows us to give our wanderers a vast array of exclusive perks.

Whatever trip you want to take, we have a wonderful plan for you. Whether it’s a romantic getaway for 2, a group of friends going on a break, a family from grandpa to baby. Our expertise ranges far and wide to make sure every single person on your trip will have the best time.

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