Why Beach and Grill is my favorite “vacation restaurant” in Dubai



Entering Beach and Grill is leaving the busy Dubai behind. It is one of my favorite “vacation spots at home” as I like to call them. Its spectacular views of the beach and its laid back style has made the restaurant much more that a “grill at the beach”.

Whether for lunch or for dinner, the menus are equally impressive. As you would expect, they offer a great variety of seafood dishes but at the same time pleasing the beef lovers. The dishes are quite simple but that only makes the freshness of the food stand out. They have carefully adapted to the local taste offering a selection of Arabic mezze and an Arabian mixed seafood platter that quickly became a signature dish.


When I think of Beach and Grill, their dishes are not the first thing that comes into my mind; it is their unmatched atmosphere. With the options to sit downstairs or at the lovely terrace during the cool weather months and an indoor sector all year around, this restaurant is my go to place to relax all year around. The crushing waves sounds compliment the chill out background music.

The casual dress code during the day allows you to come after the beach or come and impress your partner with a laid back date with a view of the sunset.


If you are a visitor in Dubai, Beach and Grill is a must do as it is one of the few restaurants facing the breath taking beach. If you are a resident, it is the best place to escape from the signature stylist and chic lounges and enjoy a tasteful fish dish with a skyscraper-free view of the beach that we sometimes underappreciate.





Location: The One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai.