Paphos, the little paradise of Cyprus

paphosPaphos, the beautiful coastal city in the southwest of Cyprus, where the clear blue sea and fresh air compliment the impressive landscape and prefect weather. Where the locals make you feel welcomed and the authentic greek cultured embraces you with open arms.
I found myself in paradise whilst visiting a client of mine. I fell in love with the place as soon as I stepped out the airport and couldn’t wait to see what the country had to offer. I stayed in a hotel called Elysium Hotel and I was nothing short of impressed. With ocean views right on my door step, there was the amazing pool, surrounded by sunbeds and refreshing cocktails on hand. I was in heaven.
I wasn’t just impressed with the hotel, what the locals had to offer was more than I could have imagined. With every corner you turned would be a fish restaurant with catch of the day and local mezzeh. The food was fresh, tasty and flavourful, what more could you want? The locals themselves were friendly and inviting and I was able to get a real feel for Paphos and greek culture. Greek music would spill from restaurants and it really felt like you where on holiday.
Exploring the city opened up an amazing adventure. The stunning sandy beaches called for me to come and lay on the warm sand to lap up the sun, only to cool down in the crystal clear water. The harbour was full of life. Boats lined up, ready to take passengers on a sea expedition. Local restaurants surrounding it for everyone to take in the view and get a real feel for the greek way of life. The history that surrounds the coastal city is incredible. From historic buildings to the mythological greek goddess ideals, you are sure to learn a lot.
As I was eating fish every day, I went with some friends to a restaurant called Muse which is famous for their meat and great steak. Not only where the cocktails spot on, the view from restaurant is incredible. Situated on top of a hill, you have the view of the whole city. Whether you visit day or night, the view remains to be impressive. Well worth a photo or two!
My over all impression of Paphos was overwhelming. The architeture, the history, the locals and greek culture made my short stay one to remember. I fell in love with Cyprus and will definitely be returning.