Bice: beyond just good Italian food in Dubai


It is widely known in Dubai that Bice is a synonym for excellence. While I was sure it was true, it surprised me that that excellence was present not only in the food but it was also carried out in the ambience and hospitality.


Upon arriving we were greeted by the restaurant’s general manager Marco. With his accent and welcoming tone, I started my trip down memory lane to the lovely meals I had in my past trips to Italy. He leaded us across the dim lighted restaurant up to our table where my hard decisions started. The extensive list of dishes and the carefully selected wine selection made a naturally indecisive person like me panic upon seeing how quick my friends were choosing their dishes. Risotto, pizza, pasta, steak options made me wish I would have a bigger appetite. I finally chose the “Filetto di manzo” or in plain English beef tenderloin filet and from the second I laid my eyes on the place, I knew I had made the right decision. The exceptional presentation was only matched by its taste. The tenderloin’s juices mixed perfectly with the red wine sauce and the creamy mashed potatoes. Our experience was enhanced by the waiter’s attention and determination to provide us an unforgettable one.


The restaurant transforms from day to night. During the day it is naturally lit with nicely views of the pool and the hotel’s gardens. For dinner, the light complements the dark wood decoration. Bice has found the correct combination between fine dining and modern coziness.


As the saying says, “everything good must come to an end” but not before having some patisseries and chocolates while sipping some green tea. The Italian background music and Marcos “arrivederci” waved us goodbye.


Location: Bice, Hilton Hotel Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.