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There is nothing more important for us than treating you like a king

We are proudly the only VIP Concierge service in Dubai that offers our customized solutions to both voyageurs and UAE elite residents, including companies and families. Emirates World Club is their access to new, better art of living. Emirates World Club is a unique, exclusive lifestyle management club with a mission to make our resident members' life exceptional. We also provide incoming travelers, who wish to experience UAE with all its secrets, a memorable stay by offering them extraordinary, bespoke packages. With our unparalleled network together with our insider, profound knowledge, we exceed our members’ expectations. With exclusive attention, we provide services our members value most with masterful efficiency.


What Emirates World Club brings you

One life. Live it well through Emirates World Club. We provide exclusive services to the world’s elite. Our mission is to satisfy our members' search for a more comfortable, worry free and luxurious life and an unforgettable experience for travelers. Our large variety of services provides everything they may need in their daily and corporate life.

What Emirate World Club brings you


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